Help LBS’s combined academic and Jewish Studies programs to develop a worldwide network of professionals and to build bridges across continents between the Jewish leaders of the future.


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Our Supporters

  • Throughout Vienna and beyond
    Taking advantage of Vienna's spectacular sceneries and surroundings
  • Promoting Unity
    Within an unique social environment, there are more than classmates - life-long friendships are born.
  • Smart Jewish Life
    Breaking the barriers between observance and modern life
  • Bridging the World
    LBS has an academic body formed by nationals of more than 30 countries
  • Talking Business: the Interactive Way
    Discovering insider views from the business world face-to-face with experts from several fields
  • Nurturing Curiosity
    Because every question raise is just the starting point of a new challenge
  • Celebrating Jewish Life
    Students have the opportunity to enjoy on-and-off-campus Jewish holidays activities and celebrations
  • Bonding through Sports
    Sports activities are always part of the program, be it on or off-competition
  • Speaking Jewish
    On-campus Jewish activities cater to students with all levels of interest
  • Celebrating Victories
    The success of a school's project or program is the success of the whole academic body
  • Much more than a Diploma
    It is the know-how for a bright and successful future that count as the best take-away from LBS
  • To the minute details
    For great leaders are trained to give proper value to the minute details in life